Classic Dance

Informal ballroom, Latin and country dancing


Shoe Sale Update

Classic Dance Club held their first ever Preowned Ballroom Dance Shoe Sale on the stage during our 50s & 60s Dance.  Thanks to everyone who brought shoes to sell or donate.  Lots of folks came up on the stage during the dance to browse the shoe inventory and try on shoes. 

Where else can you try on a pair of dance shoes and actually take them for a spin around the dance floor before deciding whether or not to purchase them?  It was a lot of fun!

Four people bought private sale shoes and four other people bought donated shoes.  That means 8 pairs of beautiful shoes get to dance again!  

Shirley and Don presented a terrific Rumba lesson at the November dance.  Once the couples had mastered the basic pattern, the lesson turned into a mixer with the dancers practicing the pattern while moving to the music and progressing from partner to partner around a circle.  Shirley and Don embellished the pattern several times and the dancers again practiced the new version while moving to the music and progressing around the circle.  What a fun workout for the body and mind!  See the lesson summary below.

November Rumba lesson summary with permission from Shirley and Don