Classic Dance

Informal ballroom, Latin and country dancing


Christmas Dance

Last night's Christmas dance was (dare I say it?) a JOLLY good time! It was colourful too since so many people wore something red, green or sparkly. Thanks to Celine, the hall was beautifully decorated in blue, white and silver with a special feature on the stage at the front and another one on the shelf at the back.

There was an enthusiastic crowd for the Night Club lesson and Emily and Barry taught us the basics followed by a fun new pattern to add to our repertoire.

I guess Barry was worn out from teaching the lesson because he wasn't around to give the announcements but no worries - the pointy eared elf who filled in for him did a terrific job!

Ann stirred things up with two Snowball Mixers (how fitting since winter officially begins in December). Everyone seemed to enjoy the chance to get to know some new dance partners.

Harv used the club's new music laptop for the first time for a playlist of our dancing favorites with enough special Christmas tunes sprinkled in to create a festive atmosphere.

As always, there was a rush for Sheila's delicious buffet! I tried antipasto for the first time - yumm.

One couple came all the way from Tisdale for their first Classic dance because Raeanne and Murray told them they would have a great time. Friends don't let dancing friends miss a great time!


December Night Club 2-Step lesson summary
 with permission from Emily and Barry