Classic Dance

Informal ballroom, Latin and country dancing


 The Valentine's Dance! 
What a lovely evening this turned out to be.  Many people wore something red to recognize the Valentine's theme - red dresses, red shirts, even a red tie.  The hall was beautiful, as usual.  In fact three ladies from the Legion lounge came in for a look around because they had heard how beautiful it was with subdued lighting, decorations, and dancers whirling around the dance floor.  They were amazed!
A large group came for Ev and Dean's Waltz lesson. It looked like most of them mastered it and can now add the patterns to their repertoire.  If you missed the lesson or want to review it again see the video below posted with Ev and Dean's permission.
Harv added some romantic music to his playlist for the occasion along with many of our favorites.   Robyn gave the announcements using a wireless lapel microphone that Harv was  testing for use by lesson instructors.  Then she guided the Waltz mixer which started out as the familiar Waterfall - but with a twist!
Sheila's buffet table included mounds of delicious fruit - red strawberries, nice ripe melon, grapes, blueberries and raspberries. There were also plenty of healthy veggies including one I hadn't seen for a while, fresh and tender kohlrabi slices that could hold lots of dip!  There were treats for the sweet too - chocolate kisses, candy hearts, chocolate cake and Sheila's cranberry crumble cake.  Just looking at the photo of the buffet makes me hungry again.
Our next dance is on March 6 when the theme will be St. Patrick's Day.  Can you say GREEN!

Waltz Lesson by Ev and Dean
(Parts 1 and 2)