Classic Dance

Informal ballroom, Latin and country dancing


What a fabulous party for our 
first dance of 2020! 
Dancers swept around the dance floor to the sounds of beautiful music, friendly chatter and laughter. We welcomed a record number of friends both old and new, including a couple of tables of enthusiastic people from MeetUp groups. Some of them were returning to ballroom dancing after a hiatus but others had never tried it before!  All of the brave beginners loved Ross and Sonya's Cha Cha lesson and seemed to feel inspired and successful.  We look forward to seeing them again on February 7 for our Valentine's dance. 
The hall and tables were beautiful with black, silver and gold decorations.  Thank you to Harv who found a way to hang the new twinkling 'curtain lights' beside the buffet table and thanks to all the executive who helped Celine create her magic.  
After all that dancing exercise, when the snack buffet was set out everyone rushed to get in line - and there wasn't much left over!  Lots to choose from but new this time were pickled eggs, Caesar salad and Sheila's home made Saskatoon berry cake.  
It was an awesome evening and to be perfectly honest, people seemed a little reluctant to leave...